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Who We Are


DoppTech was established in 2002 as an engineering development company to support European fuze manufacturers. This was the natural progression of several decades of experience in fuze applications including mortars, artillery, naval and rockets. We have been involved with the development of all the major 40mm ABF fuze developments in NATO over the past 16 years and are considered a world leader in the 40mm fuze market.

DoppTech is now proudly part of Reunert Ltd within the Reutech group of companies. This has allowed us to expand from a predominantly engineering services to a production company capable of executing volume serial production orders. In addition, we have access to a wider set of capabilities from within the group.

DoppTech has successfully partnered with companies all over the world including the USA, Europe, and the middle East. We strive to deliver customer satisfaction through continuous improvement, collaboration, and a focus on quality as much as rapid delivery.



At DoppTech we pride ourselves in our ability to deliver innovative and practical solutions through our engineering services. Furthermore, we continually strive to improve the quality and consistency of each product that leaves our premises through our production facility. Please see our Product Range page for more details.

DoppTech’s 40mm fuze offering (trade name Draco) includes Air Burst Function (ABF), Electronic Self-Destruct (ESD), and mechanical-only variants, all available for Low Velocity (LV), Medium Velocity (MV) and High Velocity (HV) applications. The modular design of the Draco fuze family means that all the variants are produced on the same production line using the same equipment.

In addition to the fuze and fuze-setting (air burst programming) products, DoppTech also acts as a contract development house providing solutions for fuze Reserve Batteries, Safe and Arm Devices (SAD), electronic Printed Circuit Board (PCB) assemblies, etc. Although mainly focussed on the military fuze market, DoppTech also carries its expertise into other domains e.g. industrial, automotive and commercial.